To generate an agreement or invoice there is pre-paid fee required to reserve shipping space for all orders. Once you pay the shipping reservation you will receive your agreement within 24 hours and work will begin on your order. This payment is deducted from your total. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.

Consultation Services

The first question most callers ask is where is a dealer near me ? There are no dealers because we do not mass produce boats. Dealerships need a constant flow of mass produced boats for inventory which is the opposite of custom boat building one at a time for individual customers. Boats being made at the factory for individual customers are in various stages of completion and not presentable for inspection. If you are still interested read on to see how we can save you thousands on a new custom boat.

PROS to purchasing a custom boat :

  • PROS to purchasing a custom boat:
  • Because all boats are made to order the buyer has unlimited design and accessory options.
  • Boats are sold and shipped direct to the buyer from the factory, there is no dealer or middleman to add expensive overhead and profit.
  • Customization is routine; you choose brand name accessories, engines, electronics, equipment, options or the hull color you want and we make it happen without delay.
  • When you become a customer you have a devoted expert boat builder at your service to answer any questions you may have.
  • We have been delivering custom made boats worldwide since 1965 and have the solutions for many regions of the globe from PNG to Mauritius and every other destination worldwide.
  • We have decades experience in shipping boats coast to coast and worldwide at fast economical rates.
  • We offer in house financing up to $35,000.00 on any model. Many new models are in the NADA Guide which provides greater financing options.
  • Orders receive full warranty on the hull and accessories. For warrantee claims submit repair estimates from two licensed repair shops that will be evaluated to to determine if the repair needed is caused by manufacturer defect. Factory defects will be paid direct to a qualified repair provider with $0 deductible within 90 days. Warranty is five years on the standard hull.
  • We work with your local selected marine service center to rig your engine with warranty near you. Shipping partially completed boats ready for engine is free. If we rig your boat turn key with engine shipping is calculated from Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Shipping for boat made ready for engine is included in all our pricing, so no hassle or dealing with a third party for shipping (for boats with engine sold outside the U.S. shipping is included).

CONS to shopping for a new boat with a custom boat builder:

  • Boats at the shop are at various stages of completion not presentable for inspection.
  • There is no reason to visit the factory unless we are working on your order.
  • The boats seen on the web site have already been delivered and not available for inspection.
  • We do not submit written quotes or discuss pricing on custom boats that are not on our web site without payment for research and design consultation.
  • Our references are in the public record of the U.S.C.G. manufacturer database registered since 1976 as an active boat builder. We do not solicit existing or previous customers to exhibit their new boat to provide references.
  • We do not keep track of boats sold in a particular region and are unable to track down boats so that a website visitors can take a look at one.

For sales outside the U.S. A buyer selects one of our boats from the website. They either pay an order confirmation and invoice with delivery schedule or they pay  for a consultation for research and design to finalize their order. Our terms are 50% advance, we then build the hull 100%. Upon completion we send the buyer photographs and certificate of origin. When balance is paid we ship to the buyer free of charge to any major sea port. The buyer is welcome to inspect their order in person before paying the balance. Any model can be made with or without engines for the price listed on the website to any major sea port with free global shipping included

For sales within the U.S. A buyer selects one of our boats  from the website. The customer either pays an order confirmation for building and delivery schedule or they pay  for a consultation to finalize their order. Either the hull made ready for engine is shipped to the customer at no extra cost, or we finish the boat turn key and shipping is calculated coast to coast from Cincinnati, Ohio.

For information on business operations or inspection terms please select consultation from the Pay Pal Payment menu. Today's sales policy began in 1998 when worldwide internet sales exceeded regional sales eliminating the need for traditional retail and dealer overhead in favor of saving international customers thousands on a new quality made hull or boat.

For Information & Ordering

Visitors who need display model or test ride services before considering a purchase will be unable to take advantage of our affordable quality made boats.

We offer state of the art designing, building and delivery of your next quality made hull or boat. Anyone considering a new boat or hull purchase should know about us and why we are the best choice for a new custom made boat or hull. Review our history that shows we are a family owned company building boats for over three generations. You will find Allmand Boats still on the water made in the 1960's through today. This company has a documented United States Coast Guard certification as an active United States boat builder in business since 1976. This information and direct contact with the United States Coast Guard provided on request.

We are custom boat builders delivering worldwide factory direct to the individual or commercial buyer saving customers thousands on quality custom made boats and hulls.

Read on if you are still interested in more information on buying custom boats online.

The straight forward process for buying your custom made boats online is 100% safe and secure. Orders can be inspected before paying the balance before shipping to confirm your order is made to your instructions before shipping.

The buyer also has the option to pay with a letter of credit. That means the customer's bank holds all payments until the customer receives their order. Examples of routine online sales is described below.

would like to order a boat and need an invoice with payment arrangements, or I need a written quotation. To generate an agreement or invoice there is pre-paid fee required to reserve shipping space for all orders. Once you pay the shipping reservation you will receive your agreement within 24 hours and work will begin on your order. This payment is deducted from your total. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below. Consultation Services
It is the buyer's responsibility to review or request specified brand names and model numbers before time of sale.
We will provide quotes for water taxi boats as requested with shipping included in the total. Further pricing details or separate shipping costs will be given after a commitment to buy has been paid in advance. Commitment to buy ranges from $500.00 to $2500.00 depending on the model.
  • PROS:
  • Prices for hulls made ready for engines with global shipping are unbelievably low.
  • We install engines at no extra cost other than the engine and accessories for many models sold outside the US.
  • Because boats are made to order you get to chose hull and cushions color selection without additional cost or delay. Special orders are routine.
  • We discount volume orders.
  • No middleman dealer to add their shipping and handling cost. No dealer overhead or profit markup.
  • Expert technical support from the source that made your boat.
  • Prices are usually below bank appraisals.
  • High resale value. Every once in a while we hear about customers who have purchased factory direct have sold their boat years later for as much or more than they paid new.
  • If you have your own engine we pre-rig for you to make engine installation simple and trouble free.
  • No charge for labor when installing buyer optional electronics on hull made ready for engine.
  • Brand selection for accessories and hardware. You can select premium or economy accessories and hardware.
  • One on one 24/7 customer support from the time you order to the time of delivery and after the sale.
  • Warranty on your hull is available locally, ask for details.
  • Customization is routine. Your hull can be made with additional materials, additional fuel capacity, custom console selection, A/C, generator, custom cabin and much more
  • We offer a 3D AutoCAD design service to provide a clear concept image of what your custom project will look like at delivery.
  • Financing is available on hulls and custom boats at many institutions.
  • CONS:
  • Since boats are made to order then delivered to the buyer as soon as they are completed means we have no standing inventory for viewing.
  • Test rides are not practical for these reasons. 1. All boats on site are already owned by other customers. 2. We do not carry inventory available for test rides, if we did we would be a dealer in addition to a factory which adds high overhead expenses. These costs would force much higher prices for everyone including export and custom design buyers where test rides are not required.
  • Pricing special options, designs or volume pricing may require pre-paid consultation to pay for research.
  • To visit the factory to see boats we have on hand there is a pre-paid fee for scheduling and setting up the logistics to accommodate visitors.
  • We do not keep track of boats once they are delivered. We respect customer privacy and avoid soliciting the use of a previous sale as a reference.
  • Since all boats are made to order it takes from 60 to 120 days to complete.
Consultation Services
There is zero risk when paying with a letter of credit (L/C). With an L/C No payment is made until the customer receives their order. all orders are fully insured for 110% of the value during shipping and handling.
Regular Prices for all boats and engines can be found on links and boat pages. special pricing includes volume orders, special materials, design engineering, shipping rates and other costs. For pricing on options or accessories a confirmed order advance is required before options and accessories are priced. We offer paid consultation to review further special pricing. Your consultation advance of $350.00 keeps your specialized pricing quote valid for up to six months.
Generating any legally binding document such as an invoice, quote, tender or bid or requests for any service or product today or in the future requires an order confirmation advance of $350.00 before any documentation is provided. Once the order confirmation fee of has been received your invoice, quote, bid, or tender for services or products will be sent. With all orders and free shipping orders must be picked up from our designated location in the city destination. Delivery to the buyer's address may add an additional $350.00
Depending on your design it can take 3 months to 12 months. This web site provides estimates for pricing of making boat molds We also offer a consultation service to research and price your design.
  • When we export boats to your country there are tariffs, import taxes or GST. We offer import research in your destination with a confirmed order or a consultation for $350.00 that is credited to your order. In many case our research has found zero dollar tariff options for many countires.
  • Step 1. The web site visitor selects a design form the web site, or has a vision for their own custom design. Next they contact us by phone or email with their inquiry.
  • Step 2. The prospective buyer describes their needs with one of our expert boat builders, then decides on their specific needs.
  • Step 3. Initiate invoice with delivery schedule once the order confirmation is paid. There are two ways to initiate an agreement. a. Letter of Credit (L/C) where no payment is made until the customer receives the product. In many cases 50% advance then balance when the product is shipped.
  • Step 5. During the order completion and delivery phase, regular updates with photos or videos are sent to the buyer by email. Progress reports are posted on the secure Customer Progress Log
  • Step 6. The order is shipped and buyer receives their new boat on time and on budget. Insurance is available for 110% of the value on the invoice during shipping and handling.
Boats are made to order requiring 14 to 60 days building time and 30 days or less to ship to the destination by sea, road or rail. Experts are standing by, ready to begin your order from start to finish in as little time as necessary then immediately load onto the next available transport to their destination. How long your order will take depends on the level of customization.
We offer a design consultation service that is credited to your order. Consultation Services
Commercial projects include boat molds; production start up; COI for water taxi boats in or out of U.S. waters We offer a consultation service for pricing commercial projects. Your pre-paid consultation includes special pricing and engineering research and is applied to your order.
Your boat, with engine, will receive a U.S. Builders statement form CG-1261 with U.S. serial numbers establishing U.S. origin. Shipping for U.S. origin turn key boats and/or hulls is calculated from Cincinnati, Ohio; Spokane Washington; Miami, Florida or Long Beach, California depending on the model. Other company details are available to paying customers. To become a paying customer you can pay the basic order confirmation or consultation fee. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.
C.O.I. boats We offer a pre-paid consultation order confirmation for all questions regarding C.O.I. boats. Once the consultation advance or an order confirmation advance on one of the hulls is received we will answer any questions you may have. Hulls priced on the web site are for export and do not include C.O.I. unless indicated. Prior to reviewing specs or pricing on any C.O.I. vessel offered a pre-paid consultation advance is required. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.
Consultation Services
We provide in house financing up to $35,000.00 and most models can be financed through most banks.

An order confirmation or request for invoice is a commitment to purchase and requires pre-payment ranging from $350.00 to $900.00, depending on the nature of the hull model or consultation. The pre-payment is credited to the final price on an invoice.

Order confirmation advance is due when a visitor requests a binding proposal for one hull or turn key boat, volume pricing, an invoice or written quotes.

We offer order consultation services a visitor requests business services such as time and research to review details of a custom boat.

We offer order confirmation or consultation services when a visitor requests business services such as a face to face meeting with management or to visit the facility

We offer order confirmation or consultation services when a visitor requests business services and does not wish to confirmed an order.

All boat pricing and specifications are available on line. We do not submit bids or tenders for any government or agency outside the U.S. without $350.00 to $900 paid in advance.

line drawings are available will range from $2500 to $10,000 deepening on the vessel and drawing details. Detailed specs of any vessel require commitment to purchase or consultation fee.

Consultation Services

What is the difference between a hull and a boat ?

Only when a Hull is completed with accessories and engine (s) and made operational as intended is it then referred to as a boat. a HIN number is issued only to turn key or partially completed boats.

Warranty includes hull five years and accessories 90 days to one year. All claims must be submitted in writing with estimates from two registered licensed repair shops. Estimates will be reviewed to establish if damage was caused by manufacturer defect or by misuse. Where manufacturer defect is the main cause, the repair will be be paid for directly to the service provider. Where misuse was the contributing or main cause it will not be the responsibility of the manufacturer to pay for repairs. Some parts may be swapped out for new or payment reimbursed to the buyer at the discretion of the seller.
CIF definition is Cost Insurance freight. Insurance refers to loss at sea or other loss by the carrier. Insurance against damage during shipping up to 110% of the value is available upon request at time of sale. The insurer will send an adjuster who will determine the amount if any that is covered for claims of damage during shipping.