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Welcome. On this web site you will find a wide selection of rigid hull inflatable boats called RHIBs and yacht tenders. We offer V hull designs for both offshore sea conditions and inshore and lakes. Our custom made quality and affordable rigid hull inflatable boats are made with double hull construction with stingers and foam filled pockets for extra floatation. The decks have synthetic core material options. Most of our rigid inflatable boats are made from fiberglass. Some inflatable boats are made with a flat bottom deck made from aluminum or plywood. Many of these flat bottom inflatable boats and yacht tenders are made to be portable by having the floor fold up and the entire inflatable boat fits into a bag that can be stowed in a truck. The folding inflatable boats are common in rescue situations.

The models vary in design. Some have a rear bench seat and a built in splash well for the outboard engine; others have the outboard engine mount to the transom for tiller steering and these are made without a rear bench seat. The inflatable boats have console options such as front seat or no front seat, others have enough room for a head and more storage. There is also the option of u shaped seating in front or a simple front storage with a cushion. All boats are made to order because we want our customers to have the option to select any basic colors and patterns for tubes. It takes about 60 to 90 days to delivery.

Other features and option include the following. You can have made with single seats or double jockey seating. The most common and affordable inflatable boat tubes are made from PVC, averaging 1.2 mm in thickness. PVC tubes are simple to repair in the field. Hypalon tubes are best where the climate is mostly humid. However, hypalon is not as simple to repair as OPVC and requires a special hypalon glue. The radar arch is designed for navigation lights, a spot light or a radar support. The radar arches are made from either fiberglass or stainless steel. Fuel tanks can either be mounted under the deck or inside the rear bench seat. The smaller inflatable boats and yacht tenders also have the center or side console and driver seat option.

When you need the best made affordable rigid hull inflatable boat made to your design, let us know we are available anytime.

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